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@valruckes - #1stchat co-host, Michigan, USA
@LauraKomos - #1stchat co-host, Illinois, USA
@Amanda_Pickrell - Indianapolis, IN
@missralston New York, NY
@catie_richert - loyal follower, Michigan, USA
@KLirenman - Vancouver, Canada
@LoraSarchet - Langley, BC Canada
@teach1quilt2 - Montana, USA
@SchwarzeShan - San Antonio, TX
@nikileech - Surrey, B.C.
@slfirstgrade- Spirit Lake, IA
@kathycassidy - Moose Jaw, SK Canada
@MathMinds - Lewes, Delaware
@jennivanrees - Cambridge, ON Canada
@aruddteacher100 -Akron, Ohio, USA
@kathy_rice - Prince George, BC Canada
@MissSticker - Draper, Utah

Class Twitter

@2012firstkids (@missralston- professional acct)
@MsLsClass - Ms. Lirenman's Class Twitter Account
@KomosCampers - Miss Komos Class Twitter account
@hpkindkids - K Sather (@teach1quilt2) Class Twitter Account
@Ruckes1st - Mrs. Ruckes' Class Twitter Account
@mscassidysclass - Kathy Cassidy's Class Twitter Account
@Grade1Raptors - Mrs. van Rees' Class Twitter Account
@Robinsonff224 -Robinson 224 Class Twitter Account (Mrs. Rudd's Class)
@117wildcats - Kathy Rice's Class Twitter Account
@MtnTownLearners - Miss Sticca's (@MissSticker) Classroom Twitter

Professional Blogs
The Sensibly Savy Teacher - Val Ruckes
Our Camp Read-A-Lot - Laura Komos
Learning and Sharing with Ms. Lirenman - Karen Lirenman
Adventures in teaching Grade One - Lora Sarchet
excitement in grade one - Niki Leech
Growing Apples - Leka DeGroot
Primary Preoccupation - Kathy Cassidy
Thinking about Teaching - Jenni van Rees
The "Rudd"er-Amy Rudd

Classroom Blogs - Catie Richert
Peeking into Division 18 - Ms. Lirenman's Class Blog
Miss Komos Camp Read-A-Lot - Miss Komos' Class Blog
Mrs. Sarchet's Class Blog - Lora Sarchet
Room 6+6 Kind Kids Blog - Mrs. Sather's Class Blog
Growing First - Mrs. Ruckes' Class Blog
Ms. Leech's Class -Niki Leech
Mrs. DeGroot's First Grade- Leka DeGroot
Ms. Cassidy's Classroom Blog - Kathy Cassidy's Classroom blog AND her student blogs
First Grade O.W.L.s - Mrs. van Rees' Class Blog
Robinson CLC Room 224 Robinson Room 224 Class Blog

Kids' Blogs

Ms. Lirenman's Student Blogs
Mrs. Sarchet's Student Blogs
Kind Kids Kidblogs (Mrs. Sather's Class)
Mrs. Ruckes' Fantastic First Graders
Ms. Leech's Student Blogs
Miss Komos Camp Read-A-Lot Student Blogs
Mrs. DeGroot's Class 2012-2013
Mrs. van Rees' Student Blogs
Robinson CLC Room 224 on


Amanda Pickrell
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Jennifer Ralston
Catie Richert
Laura Komos
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Leka DeGroot
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Kathy Rice